Greiner Bio-One offers a comprehensive range of tubes and multipurpose beakers for various applications.
The products are available in different materials, with and without caps and with labelling options.

Our tubes are made of different materials: Polystyrene (PS) is ideally suited for optical measurements as a result of its high clarity. Polypropylene (PP) is recommended for the storage of chemical and biological samples due to its thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance.

Workflow & application purposes

In the laboratory, the efficiency of sample handling and preparation can make a difference. Tubes and multipurpose beakers are essential products that play a pivotal role in a wide range of applications, facilitating sample preparation, centrifugation, and storage.
Greiner Bio-One tubes are engineered to resist various temperature conditions and experimental requirements, ensuring the safety and integrity of your samples. The compatibility with various centrifuge models and rotor types streamlines sample processing, reducing experimental time. Precise volume markings and transparency of materials enable easy monitoring of sample levels and accurate measurements. With labeled and color-coded options, our products facilitate easy sample identification and organization within the laboratory.

Your advantages with our centrifuge tubes

  • Very good thermal, mechanical and chemical stability
  • With conical bottom for optimal centrifugability
  • 50 ml centrifuge tubes optionally with skirted design for use without rack
  • With blue or white screw cap
  • Packaging variants: bulk, in rack or triple packed

FAQs about our laboratory tubes and multipurpose beakers

On each article website, there is a link to the data sheet and drawing of the product.

An overview of the resistance of different raw materials to chemicals can be found in the technical appendix of our catalog.

5 ml Reaction Tubes
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