The highest possible degree of automation, optimal performance and cost savings continue to be the requirements placed on microplates for high-throughput screening.

In 1997, shortly after the launch of the 384 well microplates, Greiner Bio-One was the first manufacturer to introduce another innovative microplate format – the 1536 well microplate. The external dimensions were the same as those used in the 96 well and 384 well microplates. However, to utilise the available space most efficiently, the number of wells was increased fourfold from 384 to 1536. Close cooperation with numerous users has now led to the development of a broad product range, and the constant drive towards improvements in quality has, for example, led to a reduction in curvature of the plates to < 100 μm.


Forum No 16: 96 Well Half Area Microplates and their Application in Fluorescence, Luminescence and Transmission Measurements
Scientific Publications / PDF, 2 MB
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